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About us

EZface Inc. was founded By Ruth Gal and Rami Orpaz in order to provide groundbreaking virtualization solutions for everyday beauty and makeup consumers. Frustrated with the limitations of online beauty shopping, and the inability to accurately test the makeup products, Ms. Gal sought after a solution: “Since I could only imagine how a particular shade would look on my skin tone and complexion, I needed a more lifelike simulation that would allow me to accurately 'test' the product”. Ms. Gal turned to technology in order to create the ultimate virtual testing platform that converts digital photographs into a “Virtual Mirror”, through which users can visualize how they would actually look while wearing various makeup products.

This cutting-edge technology benefits shoppers, brands and retailers alike, and has been successfully implemented in numerous internet sites and Hundreds in-store “Try before you buy” kiosks worldwide. EZface's Virtual Tester provides multi-platform virtualization solutions that enhance the makeup shopping experience, increase sales, and reduce product waste and returns. Using top of the line technology, EZface will continue to develop innovative visualization solutions based on the Virtual Tester concept to revolutionize the way lifestyle consumers shop and lead the beauty industry towards the ideal shopping experience.

The Vision

EZface’s vision is to develop and share innovative solutions for all beauty and makeup consumers, both online and in stores. Using top of the line technology, EZface wishes to ultimately pave the path towards the ideal shopping experience.

EZface’s aim is to break new ground in the virtual makeover field and lead the industry via advanced concepts and technology. EZface strives to provide the absolute best and most accurate tester application in order to revolutionize the way lifestyle consumers shop.

The Founders

Ruth Gal


Founder and CMO, Ms. Gal's creative vision has been instrumental in the development and success of EZface, which she co-founded with Rami Orpaz. Ruth Gal is responsible for business development and worldwide marketing partnerships. Prior to her position as CMO at EZface, Ruth Gal held a position as CFO at Main Control a software company, before that Ruth was a Senior Financial Analyst at Geotek Communications Corp., and earlier a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) at KPMG. Ruth holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from Ben Gurion University.

Rami Orpaz


Co-Founder and CEO, Rami a serial entrepreneur & one of Israel’s leading telecom experts, co-founded EZface with Ruth Gal. Prior to his position as CEO at EZface, Rami founded "Israsat" the first satellite International point-to-point provider in Israel, and founded "Sign-On", the first domestic and international digital telecom services reseller in Israel. Rami holds a BA in Economics and Management and an MBA in Marketing and Information Technology from Tel Aviv University.